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Add multiple Virtual Machines to Networker VADP backup

Instead of adding clients manually one at a time through the Networker Management Console GUI, you can perform an initial bulk import using cmd line interface: nsradmin -i import-file where the import-file contains many lines like this create type: NSR Client;name:win-vm;comment:SOME COMMENT;aliases:win-vm,;browse policy:Day;retention policy:Day;group:VM-Image-Daily;Proxy backup;Proxy backup type:VADP; Use excel to form a large csv,…
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May 14, 2014 1

Tape Drive formats or standards

AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) AIT is 8mm across and uses helical scanning technique and the MIC (Memory In Cassette) technology to provide increased access. It also supports high data transfer rate up to 78 MB/sec and maximum storage capacity of 500GB compressed using ALDC (adaptive lossless data compression) technologies. DAT (Digital Audio Tape) DAT is…
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April 21, 2014 0