Tape Drive formats or standards

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Tape Drive formats or standards

April 21, 2014 Backup Tape Drives 0

AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape)
AIT is 8mm across and uses helical scanning technique and the MIC (Memory In Cassette) technology to provide increased access. It also supports high data transfer rate up to 78 MB/sec and maximum storage capacity of 500GB compressed using ALDC (adaptive lossless data compression) technologies.

DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
DAT is 4mm across and offers over 40GB of storage at a data transfer speed of about 5 Mb per second and is optimized for high volume backups.

DLT (Digital Linear Tape)
DLT uses a technique to write data onto the tape in 128 or 208 linear tracks. DLT cartridges can contain around 70GB of data with compression. SuperDLT, a new DLT variant supports tape capacity up to 300GB(SDLT 600) and transfer data at speeds up to 36MB/sec.

LTO (Linear Tape-Open)

LTO uses an open-format technology that provides compatibility to various storage media products. It supports a capacity up to 6.4 Terabytes and transfer rate of 540MB/s.

Packet Tape
Packet Tape – available from VXA (tape manufacturer) has a capacity of 33GB native and 66GB compressed. It is an 8mm format and one that is commonly used by home-based business owners.

Ref: http://www.adrc.com/ckr/tape_media.html


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